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Get thousands back at closing on the services you need to buy your home – brokerage, mortgage and settlement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Rewards program work?

    It’s simple. Sign up through the online form and we match you with an agent in your local market. Buy through that agent when you’re ready and receive a closing cost credit. Secure a mortgage through Prosperity Home Mortgage, a member of the Long & Foster family of companies, and you receive another closing cost credit. Utilize a Long & Foster Settlement services company for your title and other closing needs and secure a third closing cost credit. The dollar amount of the credits depends on the number of services you use, the final purchase price of the home and the mortgage amount. See Terms & Conditions on how credits are calculated.

  • The Long & Foster agent we connect you with is an expert in their local market. If you don’t like your initial match, contact us and we’ll be happy to find you a new agent.

  • Eligible buyers receive their $ at closing as closing cost credits on the Settlement Statement.

One Team. One Goal.

Our fully integrated services streamline the buying process. Everything, from mortgage to moving, is all in the hands of one team, with the one goal of making your experience as easy as possible.

Join over 20,000 customers annually who use multiple services when they buy a home with Long & Foster.


Our agent will understand your unique needs, point you to the right neighborhoods and help you find the right home.


Since Prosperity Home Mortgage is a member of the Long & Foster family of companies, we work right alongside the agent you are matched with. Our goal is to have the best rates and the best service. Period.

Title & Settlement

Our experts will meticulously vet your new home's title, get your legal documents in order, and protect the future you’ve pictured.


You're not just buying insurance. You're buying peace of mind. And that starts with our specialists' invaluable advice and great rates.


Our moving company Tailored Move provides personalized service and treats your belongings with respect to move you into your new home without worry.

*Participation in the Long & Foster Rewards Program is optional. You are NOT required to participate in Rewards or to use any Long & Foster affiliate to obtain real estate brokerage services from Long & Foster. As part of Rewards, you have the right to choose your settlement service providers. Consumers meeting all applicable requirements are entitled to the incentives outlined in the Terms & Conditions if they use Long & Foster Real Estate, Prosperity Home Mortgage and/or a Long & Foster Settlement company. Additional terms, conditions, and limitations apply; see longandfoster.com/rewards-terms. For information on Long & Foster’s affiliated business arrangements, please see separate ABA Disclosure at longandfoster.com/rewards-abad.